There is nothing I love more than something that is both beautiful and functional! It’s like grandma’s quilts or glass jars filled with goodies! They are so pretty to look at, and you get to use them too! There are so many herbs that grow well and taste so good when you use them in […]

Is your family like mine? A cantaloupe can sit at my house until it is shriveled up like a raisin and never get touched, but if I take that same cantaloupe and cut it up…its gone immediately!! That is exactly how I have started handling leftovers! Monday is officially my clean-out-the-refrigerator-make-a-weekly-menu-plan-use-up-leftovers day! I’ll tell you […]

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” I just love that line from Forrest Gump. Mostly because I love chocolates and a whole box is even better, but in my life I have learned that life is like a garden. Gardens give you whatever you put in to them. Joy is in the tending of […]

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