Lessons of Home

To me, home has always been where my people are, but it is also an extension of my creativity. I learned this from mom. Growing up, my mom was always doing some project and she was amazing at everything she did. Wood working, sewing, upholstery, stained glass, small construction projects, cooking…you name it, and she probably tried it!

When I started my own family, I tried to bring that same creativity to my homes. In the beginning, we traveled a lot due to my husbands job. We moved 6-7 times a year so household projects were small and portable. After seven years of life on the move, we decided to settle down back home in Texas.

Lesson One: The Job is Always Bigger Than It Seems!

Our First Home

We always knew we were hands on when it came to home projects or renovations and our first home gave us a lot of practice! It was a 1940’s “fixer upper” that taught us so many lessons on home renovation. The biggest one being always expect that the job is going to bigger than it seems! Every project we started ended in more trips to Home Depot! Every small project we started ended up being a major overhaul.

Lesson Two: Be Patient! You Can’t Do It All At Once.

Our Second Home Sweet Home

For our second home, we took it a little easy (or so we thought) and bought a tract home in a neighborhood. This home taught me patience (and taught my husband not to underestimate my dislike of carpeting) Picture this. I am at home with two littles and two dogs…looking at the carpeting that I clean all the time but never stays clean…and I decide Todays the Day!!

I ripped every inch of carpeting and pad out of our living room that day and never looked back! My husband came home from work and the look on his face was unforgettable! The calamity of what ensued after that day to get the floors right is a story for another day, but definitely a huge lesson learned!

Home Sweet Home #3

Lesson Three: Think Outside the Box

For our third home, somehow the hubs talked me into selling our house in civilization, buying land out in the country, moving into a 29′ travel trailer from the 70’s, and building a house. Now mind you, we did not have plans for the house, funding for the house, nor had we ever contracted the building of a house, also I was not a country girl, but somehow I agreed to all of it…and was a little excited :-/. Did I mention that we had a 10 year old, a 7 year old, a one year old and three dogs?? Looking back, those were some of the most cherished family bonding times.

Our Cottage House Plans: Moser Designs

Lesson Four: Compromise brings Success

We scoured house plans and finally landed on a plan that we loved by Moser Designs. We found a hometown bank that worked with us like family. That is when it all began…the decisions, the changes, the color swatches, the delays…after nine months it was finished! The journey wasn’t always easy, but with compromise and working together we made it through.

Home Sweet Home #4

One of the best memories in that house was our first night in the house. My family of five, after living in 290 square feet for a year, now each had our own rooms with our own beds! My husband and I were snuggling down in our new king size bed, when we hear a little knock at the door. All of a sudden our little two year old peeks his head in the door. He’s scared. There are noises. Can he sleep with us? Of course…come on in! A few more minutes go by and there’s another knock. Come on in 😉 A few more minutes, another knock. By the end of the night, we were all in our room. Me and the hubs, three kids, and three dogs!

Our Bedroom
Open Kitchen
Ikea Shelves and a little Fun!

We lived here for 10 years. Made so many memories. The kids were 10, 7, and 2 when we moved there, and they were 20, 17 and 12 the day we last drove down that gravel road.

Lesson Five: Take a Chance

The New Road into the New Property

I’m sure you can guess how the move came about. The hubs found some land. He must have taken me out there dozens of times, and eventually the dream took me over. My family of five moved out of our home back into an RV! Crazy. I’m telling you…I have moments of crazy! This time we were in two RV’s, two dogs and my daughter in one and me, the hubs, the two boys and two dogs in the other! Our families thought that we were insane, but by now they weren’t terribly surprised!

If You Build It…

The adventure begins…

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