Merry Christmas Y’all!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Y’all!!! That about sums it up! I am so excited about Christmas, and not for the food and presents (although that is a bonus), but for the people, the season, and the feeling of hope and joy that surrounds it!

The People

I am blessed with some amazing people. I am especially excited this year because one of my favorite humans in the world comes down to visit from Virginia. This will ensure lots of belly laughing, amazing food, and a generally snuggly feeling inside.

Sweet faces
More Sweet Faces
Great Food

I am also increasingly aware that as my kiddos get older, they may not be around every year :(. That makes every Christmas that they are with me even more special! There is that moment when you realize that your kiddos aren’t just your kids, they have turned into these amazing people that you would choose to spend your time with. They have ideas and thoughts and feelings that amaze, and I just can’t wait to see where they will go! I will take every moment I can with them!

The Boys
The Girls

Christmas also makes me reminisce on those who are not with us. For all the joy that surrounds us there is still that one missing piece. The one who should still be here. The one who is so missed.

Jim and I

The Hope

And that is what makes this season even more amazing. We are celebrating the birth of a tiny baby, who one day through his sacrifice, will reunite us with our missing pieces. This celebration gives me hope that one day we will all be together again with belly laughing and a snuggly feeling that cannot be expressed in words because it will be so amazing, and so complete. 

The Christmas Story

My wish for you this season is to celebrate the One who gave it all, enjoy the loved ones you are with, and tell old stories about that ones we will soon see, and have the Merriest of Christmas’ Y’all! 

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